Troubling Times

You may have read some of the disgusting rumors going around about our beloved 40 Miners.  Things reached a new level when the team got word that the August edition of Bloodweiser Illustrated was going to run an article on the team that is less then flattering.  If you wish to read the article for yourself be warned, it is not the kind of news we usually report on around here, but for the sake of bringing you all the news on the team here it is. Bloodweirser Illustrated #3361

Knowing the media circus this is going to cause the team is trying to get in front of the situation and has issued an official statement on the article.

Da 40 Miners are very disappointed that they even have to address such lies and slander.  But in the media crazy blood bowl world we live in we have to get the air clear.  We are disappointed with the reporting of Mr. Baumguardarr, and the fact checking of Bloodweiser Illustrated.  There is very little in the article that is true, and there are many statements that may bring lawsuits in the future.  We are most disturbed by the attack on the character of the teams new runners.  We can only assume that the people responsible for this are somehow threatened by the idea of strong women playing the rough game of Blood Bowl.

We aren't sure who was at the root of these stories, if it was a sleazy publication trying to get some attention, perhaps an upcoming opponent at GenCon bowl, or maybe just one of the many 40 Miner haters out there.  The Team is determined to not let this be a distraction.  As they have come together as one and rallied around Annie and Alice, making sure to let the world know that these stories are far from the truth.   HATERS-HATE