Sell Out the Big House!

So I’ve had plans to flesh out the Big House for some time.  These plans include adding seating sections and fleshing out a true lower ring to the stadium full of fun little scenes.  It is a big project and this contest is going to keep me inspired to finish it.

I’m going to need fans to put in all these seats, and while I have enough models to paint myself, I thought it would be a lot more fun to be able to look into the stands and see miniature representations of all my bloodbowl friends sitting there cheering me on.  So I’m hoping that with this contest I can have miniature representations of you guys filling the stadium and showing your support for Da 40 Miners.

The plan is to have the renovations to the stadium done in time for Zlurpee Bowl.  At the tournament, the Big House will play the role of the Top Table.  So everyone that contributes a fan to the contest will have great seats for some of the best matches at Zlurpee Bowl IX!

I also plan to create a permanent section of the website that will have pictures of all the fan models, and space for a brief bio of the fan if you choose to send me one.

I would prefer all fans be dwarves painted in Miners colors, but if you provide a reason why you are not a dwarf, or not a Miners fan, I’ll accept it.  Grudgingly.  If you don’t have an idea for a model to use, or would like some suggestions let me know.  I can either point you in the right direction or I may have some extra stuff lying around.

So let’s get to the rules:

If you are interested in participating, please contact me so I can add you to the list.  This is important for me to know about how many fans I can expect.  The total number will affect prizes, and I need to make sure I have seats for all of them.

There will be threads on several forums where I will be posting my progress and I’d love for you to post progress on your fans as well, but this is not required.

All Fans must have your name painted on the base.

All Fans must be on a 25mm standard size base, so that they fit in the stands properly.

All Fans must be received by June 9th.

Voting for best fan will run from June 9th till June 17th.

All winners will be announced on June 18th

Prizes! I did call it a contest I’m not asking you to send me a miniature and get nothing in return.

Everyone that sends a fan to me will receive a set of 40 Miners D6.

The fan that wins the ‘Best Fan’ voting will receive a $50 Impact Miniatures gift certificate.

I will choose one fan that is my personal favorite, that fan will win an official “Golden Toe Joe” replica jersey T-Shirt.

A randomly drawn fan will win a painted Grim Ironjaw.

If we reach 25 fans, I will add a randomly drawn fully painted team  For every 5 fans after that I’ll add another painted Star player or sideline model to be randomly drawn.

No fan will be eligible to win more than one drawing.