Season Recap

The '14 tournament season has come to end for Da 40 Miners.  Coming off a very disappointing finish to the '13 season the team had a lot to prove.  The team as usual had a story filled year full of highs and lows.

They began the year making the long trip down to Orclahoma, for the double header of tournaments Orclahoma Bowl III, and Spikey Cup II.  You could tell early on that it was going to be a rough trip, the first game they played against the DC Reptoids would be the worst loss in Miners history.  Tired from the trip, not ready for the crazy Orclahoma weather, we aren't sure what the problem was but the Miners lost 1-5 to the Lizardmen in that game.  The team had never given up 4 TDs in a game before and could not believe the score board as the skinks continued racking up TDs.  The tournament didn't get much better from there, they would end the Orclahoma Bowl with 2 Ties and 2 losses.  Not exactly what the team boosters were expecting when they fronted the cash for this trip.  Spikey Cup II was a little better but still not great.  They tied the first game, before beating the hell out of some goblins.  With the bonus points this had them playing pretty high up for the final round.  Of course that final round would be the first time the team would get shutout this season.  Losing to the tournament champions in a game that they never had a chance in 0-2.  The Miners were given the Best Appearance award.  This would be the only award they would bring home in the '14 season.matt

After that the team took the spring off for training.   But did manage to arrange a pay-per-view grudge match against Dem 4D Shrinerz.  The team was able to handle the Orcs pretty soundly and walked away defending the honor of the Big House.  Though this grudge match really impressed the Miners and the two teams have become very friendly rivals afterwards as they both earned each others respect in this game.


Finally the team would come back from their break playing at GenCon Bowl yet again.  This year they would be taking Barik Farblast with them for the first time.  A late night scrimage agains Brewhouse's Lizardmen would have the team familiar with the new talent and ready to take GenCon by storm. scrimageThis would be the tournament were the new Runners Annie and Alice really began to come into their own.  No longer trying to fit into the offense they took over a few games.  After a first round loss the team really played well the last 3 rounds and ended with 2 wins a tie and a loss.

Even after one mildly successful tournament there was still a lot of talk going around about the team, and jobs were rumoured to be on the line.  The team hadn't had a really great performance in some time.  What glimmers of success they saw at GenCon just raised the expectations for the fans going into Chaos Cup.

The Chaos cup this year may have been the Miners most dominating tournament ever.  The tournament started off with a very hard fought match that would end with the Black Bay Bone Grinders taking the win from them.  But after that game, nearly every match the rest of the tournament was a blowout in the Miners favor, including two straight 3-0 wins.  The offense was showing it's new high powered potential, and the Slayers were racking up an amazing amount of Casualties.  By the end of the tournament the Miners would finish in 6th place overall, 2nd in TDs and 2nd in CAS.  The 12 TDs scored was a new team record for the team at a single tournament, as was the 21 Casualties.  While no awards were brought home, there wasn't a dissapointed Miners fan to be found, the team had got it's swagger back.


The Final tournament of the year for the team would be Underworld Cup '14.  This year the team decided to take a different strategy going into the big event.  Where in years past they have been lead by Beastmode, and used Deathrollers.  This year it was just 11 Dwarves skilled up and ready to kick some teeth in.  The tournament started off great with two straight victories.  Then they would have back to back games against very tough opponents that would result in two of the hardest fought ties the team has ever played in.  The last match of the day and of the season was a brutal loss to the Necro team monster mash.  The Miners armour was not a problem at all for the werewolves and the game was lost early.  Ended up 2 wins 2 ties and 1 loss at the Underworld cup this year.

This season of mixed results would see the Miners knocking down some milestones along the way, including playing in their 200th NAF match.

Overall the season started off pretty rough, but things turned around and the last half of the season had a lot of success.  While the team didn't hang any new banners in the Big House, they have laid the ground work for a very promising future.  Everyone is gearing up for the Big House Challenge II to start off the next season of tournaments.  Remember to follow the team on twitter for hte most up to date news, and pictures from tournaments as they are happening.  @Da40Miners