Run for the Hills

The team has added some fresh faces to the lineup in the form of two new runners. Annie, and Alice have formerly played on the Darkcity Dragoons of the all female Northern League. After that team disbanded they were left searching for a new team. Taking their custom armour with them, they found a home in the Mine'shaken Mountains as part of Da 40 Miners scout team. Playing a full season of exhibition matches gave them the time they needed to show everyone they were ready for the big show. Runners

Coach Shinbreaker realizing the team needed a jolt, decided to bring the ladies up. He is excited about the positive energy and athleticism they bring to the team. He has already begun changing his offensive philoshpies around their talent. The team will now be playing a Strong I formation with Annie running the point position distributing the ball as needed.

AnnieAnnie Atom'Smasha Lead the FNL in pass completions and Tds in her last season. She has been working hard to prove to the veteran players that she is ready to help them get back to the top.











Tiptoe Alice, runs with a bruising style that catches many opponents off guard. Her strategy while carrying the ball is, “Get Low, and Get Mean”.