Interview with Coach Shinbreaker

Excerpt from an interview Jon Maddman of ABC conducted with coach Shinbreaker.

Jon: Coach your team has not been playing up to their normal standards lately, is this the worst stretch of tournament results in the team’s history?

Coach: I don’t know about that, i’d have to check the stats but it is possible.  But I do know one thing for damn sure.  I still believe in this team, I still believe in these players, and I know better times are ahead, I know the best times are yet to come.

Jon: The team has gone through some changes recently are the new players you brought in giving you this confidence for the future?

Coach: The new runners, and the new offence we have put into place are looking great, but they are untested at this point.  We will see how that goes soon enough.  But my confidence comes from knowing this team.  New players, old players, no player is more important than the team, no coach is more important than the team, we all believe in each other and know that this team will be great.  Everything we do in preparation is for the team.  Everything we achieve is because of the team.  The team, the team, the team.

Jon: Have you changed your coaching strategies because of the recent results in tournaments, are you doing things differently to get things turned around?

Coach: Of course, if we were doing things the same way we could only expect the same results.  Listen, when your team is winning you have to be tough on them, because winning will make them soft.  When your team is losing, you have to stick by them and believe in them.

Jon:  There are many people out there that have begun to doubt the Miners will ever achieve the level of their past accomplishments again, do you have anything to say to them?

Coach: You should never doubt the heart of a champion.

Shortly after this interview was published this sign was seen in the Miners lockerroom.