GenCon Bowl ’14

GenCon saw the Miners coming off a long break and they were ready to get back in the action.  The new runners were ready to help the team in anyway they could.  The Miners were also employing Barrik Farblast and Boomer Eziasson.CAM00608CAM00592CAM00593

Round 1: The Miners were matched up with Short_Man and his Slann team.  I choose to recieve hoping to beat on the frogs and get the number advantage before having to play defense against the unpredictable slann.  Unfortunatly what would become a theme of this tournament my opponents had great success throwing one die blocks against my ball carriers.  After getting the ball turned over the Miners were in trouble.  Playing catchup was difficult, and combined with the lack of damage the team was dealing out things didn't look promising.  The Dwarves had no problem knocking the frogs around unfortunatly they were almost all stuns.  Late in the game some injuries started to mount up but they were far to little to late.  Lost the first round 1-2, CAS count was 2-0.


Round 2: Was against another Dwarf team the Windy City Warriors, they had a handful of guard much like the Miners.  I really think this game was decided by the expierence of the Miners.  Positioning was the name of the game, and the Miners were on their game today.  The game was never in question and the Miners good a solid win for the first time in a very long time.  Winning 2-0, CAS count 1-1.


Round 3: The Miners were matched up with some Drew charcter that claims to be internet famous or something.  He was coaching the Bomount Bogies a wood elf team.  This wood elves played a very aggressive high risk high reward game.  For the first half the Miners were caught off guard and spent a lot of time watching this high flying elves.  One die blocks on the Dwarven runners were way to effective and the Wood elves pounced on the ball and started chucking it everywhere.  With time winding down in the first half and the Miners down 0-1 already they showed the elves they could toss around the ball as well and put a quick score in to tie the game.  But the Miners were kicking the ball away in the second half and had a lot of work still to do.  The woodelves started taking some damage but did not slow down, more super fast past playing lead to another score.  The final drive of the game had the Miners recieve a kick in their own endzone.  Annie lead the charge, with Alice leading the way and they each had a CAS as they marched down for a hard fought tieing score that would require some more dwarf air attack as they were short on time.  Game ended 2-2 with a CAS count of 3-0.


Round 4: Da 40 Miners 200th tournament game!  A huge milestone, we aren't sure how many dwarf coaches have reached this milestone we do know the most prolific dwarf coach is at 250 so it can't be very many people in the 200 club.  The Havana Daydreamers Orc team would be the 200th opponent.  Somehow this game was played with the Orcs getting a +2 FAME.  I guess the Miners fans forgot how to pace themselves throughout a tournament.  The Miners killed a black orc very early and knocked out a blitzer soon after, from there it was smoot sailing and they would win 2-0 with a CAS count of 1-1.

Finished the tournament at 2 wins 1 loss and 1 tie.  Good enough for 7th place, the best finish the Miners have had in some time.  The team is hoping that this will be a good lead into Chaos Cup.