Resources for Dwarf Coaches

The Miners would like to help out all of their fellow Dwarf team, so we have put together some links that we think dwarf coaches should look at.

Every Bloodbowl coach should read Ian Williams Art of Blocking, but it is especially important to Dwarf teams that depend more on the blocking game.

We are big fans of everything on Coach’s website, so we would highly recommend that you read all of the Dwarf articles there.

The Bloodbowl Playbook website has a nice collection of articles from different authors over the years covering dwarves in past editions and the current edition.  While some of it may be outdated, it never hurts to look everywhere for knowledge who knows what you can find in some of these old strategy articles.

Three Die Block have covered Dwarf teams twice, and while we can’t agree on a lot of the things they say it is another opinion to listen to. Dwarves 1.0  and Dwarves 2.0


A great youtube video breaking down how to one turn score with a 6MV player, without using any frenzy.

Another Youtube, showing MV7 player against a split line.  Helps the thought process even if it doesn’t directly apply to dwarves.


We are considering adding a ask coach Bo Shinbreaker section to this page where our great offensive coordinator would answer any tactical questions emailed in to us.  If you think this would be a good idea please email us and feel free to email any dwarf questions you may have.

If there are other sources you think the Miners should list here, please email us and let us know.