Chaos Cup ’14

Chaos Cup continued breaking records this year, and had 94 coaches in attendance playing for the honor of lifting the cup over their head.

The Miners entered the tournament feeling good, a lot of positive thinking had been going into the preparation for this tournament.  The new runners have brought a great deal of confidence to the team.  The team's Slayers were ready to complement their new offensive power by destroying fools.  The Slayers both had Mighty Blow, and one also had Piling On.  They would prove to be a huge key to the team's success this year.

Round 1

Miners Squared off against Sarge a familiar foe, and overall amazing sportsman.  He was playing Orcs, one of the nemisis of the 40 Miners.  This was a great game, a back and forth power struggle.  I ended every turn feeling like I had taken the momentum only to watch Sarge take it back.  The game was tied 1-1 late into the game when finally things started snowballing into Sarge's favor and he was able to put in the deciding score.  Miners Lose 1-2 CAS 0-0


Round 2 

The Zlur-piss round.  The Miners were given the honor of playing against the mastermind behind the Zlur-piss that was consumed at Zlurpee Bowl X.  There were still a few of them around, so the coaches decided this was a pretty great time to consume them.  This would also be the first game where the Slayers took over.  By turn 3 the Miners had dealt 3 Casualties and 3 knocked out.  From there the numbers game just got worse.  Jeffro played most of the second half with 3 or fewer players on the field and most of them were stunned, or prone. There were some moments late in the game were Joe got a bit carried away and called for some gang fouls on the remainng two elves. The second one would result in Joe getting ejected.  Game ended in a Miners Win 3-0 CAS 5-0









Round 3

The Miners draw yet another familiar face, they would square of with MrSchutte and his Norse team.  The Slayers thirsty for more blood wasted no time, on the first turn of the game they killed the Snow Troll.  They would continue to beat on the Norsemen, filling the KO box and adding a couple of more casualties.  Yet again another opponent just didn't have enough players to put up a fight.  Miners win 3-0 CAS 3-0









Round 4

Last game of day one the Miners are feeling great after 2 straight blowout wins.  They draw yet again a familiar face.  DarkOrk20 sat down with his high elves.  The Miners chose to kick and without missing a beat went to work beating on the elves.  They managed to casualty 3 elves, and knock out 3 more.  If that wasn't enough they turned the ball over and secured it in a cage.  Thinking that they didn't want to give the knocked out elves two chances to come back before the second half they proceeded to stall out 6 turns.  The High Elves made crazy dodges, to blitz in favor of the dwarves but the Miners never felt like they were in trouble.  The elves final turn of the half with no re rolls saw a catcher get up, make 2 5+ dodges to throw a two dice against block on the Dwarf runner.  They succeed in knocking the ball loose.  The Miners recovered the positioning but were unable to pick up the ball in the pouring rain to walk in the score.  The second half with a huge player advantage and receiving the ball the Miners marched down the field for the games only score.  Miners win 1-0 CAS 3-0









Round 5

The Miners draw a familiar coach, but someone that they have shockingly never played.  Craig Gruber and his interesting Amazon team were the challenge to start Day 2.  Craig's amazon team was built around star player Roxanna Darknail.  The Miners had never seen her in action and after this game hope to never see her again.  The Miners started racking up casualties early on keeping the theme of the tournament going.  They were feeling confident about the game early on.  They weren't able to mount a defense to get at the ball carrier but they applied a lot of pressure and forced Roxanna to sprint down the sideline and score quickly, she would need a team re roll to Go For it for the score.  Miners received the next kickoff with a player advantage and enough time to score in the first half.  They continued taking out Amazon players as they marched down to tie the game before the half.  Receiving in the second half with now a very strong player advantage the team was feeling great.   They began their drive and started the march.  At midfield they built their cage with a prone amazon on one of the corners.  The lady was able to get up throw a 2 die against block and knock the ball loose.  The ball falls into 3 dwarf tackle zones.  This would prove to be little problem for Roxanna Darknail.  She lept onto the ball scooped it up and made a few dodge rolls to break away with the ball.  The next turn the Dwarf blitz failed to bring her down and she would escape for a miracle TD.  The Miners were shocked but regrouped, still hoping to win the game they would need two quick scores.  The amazons with only a handful of players left were able to deny a quick score but couldn't do anything about the matching score.  Miners Tie 1-1 CAS 5-0









Round 6

Final round of the tournament and the Mutation round at Chaos Cup.  2 Dwarf Blockers grew claws, and were ready to face off against Doomington and his Chaos Pact team from the great white North.  The Slayers somehow still had more of a thirst for blood and took the Minotaur out of the game in the first turn.  After sending a couple of more casualties and knocked out Chaos players to the dugout the game became easier.  The Miners march to a score in the first half and then kick in the second half with the player count in their favor.  Early in the second half there was a turn that saw 2 dwarves go out of the game with casualties.  These were the first two of the tournament for the Dwarves, another would follow on the next turn.  So now the confidence is shaking as it seems the power is shifting.  But a very untimely failed bonehead roll left the hole the Dwarves needed to break the ball loose and start dishing out more pain.  Late in the game with each side down to 5-6 players the Miners were able to break away with the ball to win 2-0 CAS 5-3.









At the end of the day the Miners finished in 6th place out of 94 coaches.  They were also in the running for both Most CAS, and Most TDs narrowly missing both awards.  So while they didn't win any awards they had an amazing performance.  The team got very lucky throughout the weekend, and will never deny that.  But they also won't let that stop them from feeling very good about this tournament result. The dwarf armour was rock solid all weekend, and the Slayers palyed out of their minds dishing out casualties, and lowering the opponents player count enough to allow the offense to push for more scoring. Everything seemed to go right in several games.

End of the tournament stats

4 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie

12 Tds for 4 Tds Against

21 CAS for 3 CAS against