Season Recap

The '14 tournament season has come to end for Da 40 Miners.  Coming off a very disappointing finish to the '13 season the team had a lot to prove.  The team as usual had a story filled year full of highs and lows.

They began the year making the long trip down to Orclahoma, for the double header of tournaments Orclahoma Bowl III, and Spikey Cup II.  You could tell early on that it was going to be a rough trip, the first game they played against the DC Reptoids would be the worst loss in Miners history.  Tired from the trip, not ready for the crazy Orclahoma weather, we aren't sure what the problem was but the Miners lost 1-5 to the Lizardmen in that game.  The team had never given up 4 TDs in a game before and could not believe the score board as the skinks continued racking up TDs.  The tournament didn't get much better from there, they would end the Orclahoma Bowl with 2 Ties and 2 losses.  Not exactly what the team boosters were expecting when they fronted the cash for this trip.  Spikey Cup II was a little better but still not great.  They tied the first game, before beating the hell out of some goblins.  With the bonus points this had them playing pretty high up for the final round.  Of course that final round would be the first time the team would get shutout this season.  Losing to the tournament champions in a game that they never had a chance in 0-2.  The Miners were given the Best Appearance award.  This would be the only award they would bring home in the '14 season.matt

After that the team took the spring off for training.   But did manage to arrange a pay-per-view grudge match against Dem 4D Shrinerz.  The team was able to handle the Orcs pretty soundly and walked away defending the honor of the Big House.  Though this grudge match really impressed the Miners and the two teams have become very friendly rivals afterwards as they both earned each others respect in this game.


Finally the team would come back from their break playing at GenCon Bowl yet again.  This year they would be taking Barik Farblast with them for the first time.  A late night scrimage agains Brewhouse's Lizardmen would have the team familiar with the new talent and ready to take GenCon by storm. scrimageThis would be the tournament were the new Runners Annie and Alice really began to come into their own.  No longer trying to fit into the offense they took over a few games.  After a first round loss the team really played well the last 3 rounds and ended with 2 wins a tie and a loss.

Even after one mildly successful tournament there was still a lot of talk going around about the team, and jobs were rumoured to be on the line.  The team hadn't had a really great performance in some time.  What glimmers of success they saw at GenCon just raised the expectations for the fans going into Chaos Cup.

The Chaos cup this year may have been the Miners most dominating tournament ever.  The tournament started off with a very hard fought match that would end with the Black Bay Bone Grinders taking the win from them.  But after that game, nearly every match the rest of the tournament was a blowout in the Miners favor, including two straight 3-0 wins.  The offense was showing it's new high powered potential, and the Slayers were racking up an amazing amount of Casualties.  By the end of the tournament the Miners would finish in 6th place overall, 2nd in TDs and 2nd in CAS.  The 12 TDs scored was a new team record for the team at a single tournament, as was the 21 Casualties.  While no awards were brought home, there wasn't a dissapointed Miners fan to be found, the team had got it's swagger back.


The Final tournament of the year for the team would be Underworld Cup '14.  This year the team decided to take a different strategy going into the big event.  Where in years past they have been lead by Beastmode, and used Deathrollers.  This year it was just 11 Dwarves skilled up and ready to kick some teeth in.  The tournament started off great with two straight victories.  Then they would have back to back games against very tough opponents that would result in two of the hardest fought ties the team has ever played in.  The last match of the day and of the season was a brutal loss to the Necro team monster mash.  The Miners armour was not a problem at all for the werewolves and the game was lost early.  Ended up 2 wins 2 ties and 1 loss at the Underworld cup this year.

This season of mixed results would see the Miners knocking down some milestones along the way, including playing in their 200th NAF match.

Overall the season started off pretty rough, but things turned around and the last half of the season had a lot of success.  While the team didn't hang any new banners in the Big House, they have laid the ground work for a very promising future.  Everyone is gearing up for the Big House Challenge II to start off the next season of tournaments.  Remember to follow the team on twitter for hte most up to date news, and pictures from tournaments as they are happening.  @Da40Miners



Troubling Times

You may have read some of the disgusting rumors going around about our beloved 40 Miners.  Things reached a new level when the team got word that the August edition of Bloodweiser Illustrated was going to run an article on the team that is less then flattering.  If you wish to read the article for yourself be warned, it is not the kind of news we usually report on around here, but for the sake of bringing you all the news on the team here it is. Bloodweirser Illustrated #3361

Knowing the media circus this is going to cause the team is trying to get in front of the situation and has issued an official statement on the article.

Da 40 Miners are very disappointed that they even have to address such lies and slander.  But in the media crazy blood bowl world we live in we have to get the air clear.  We are disappointed with the reporting of Mr. Baumguardarr, and the fact checking of Bloodweiser Illustrated.  There is very little in the article that is true, and there are many statements that may bring lawsuits in the future.  We are most disturbed by the attack on the character of the teams new runners.  We can only assume that the people responsible for this are somehow threatened by the idea of strong women playing the rough game of Blood Bowl.

We aren't sure who was at the root of these stories, if it was a sleazy publication trying to get some attention, perhaps an upcoming opponent at GenCon bowl, or maybe just one of the many 40 Miner haters out there.  The Team is determined to not let this be a distraction.  As they have come together as one and rallied around Annie and Alice, making sure to let the world know that these stories are far from the truth.   HATERS-HATE

Interview with Coach Shinbreaker

Excerpt from an interview Jon Maddman of ABC conducted with coach Shinbreaker.

Jon: Coach your team has not been playing up to their normal standards lately, is this the worst stretch of tournament results in the team’s history?

Coach: I don’t know about that, i’d have to check the stats but it is possible.  But I do know one thing for damn sure.  I still believe in this team, I still believe in these players, and I know better times are ahead, I know the best times are yet to come.

Jon: The team has gone through some changes recently are the new players you brought in giving you this confidence for the future?

Coach: The new runners, and the new offence we have put into place are looking great, but they are untested at this point.  We will see how that goes soon enough.  But my confidence comes from knowing this team.  New players, old players, no player is more important than the team, no coach is more important than the team, we all believe in each other and know that this team will be great.  Everything we do in preparation is for the team.  Everything we achieve is because of the team.  The team, the team, the team.

Jon: Have you changed your coaching strategies because of the recent results in tournaments, are you doing things differently to get things turned around?

Coach: Of course, if we were doing things the same way we could only expect the same results.  Listen, when your team is winning you have to be tough on them, because winning will make them soft.  When your team is losing, you have to stick by them and believe in them.

Jon:  There are many people out there that have begun to doubt the Miners will ever achieve the level of their past accomplishments again, do you have anything to say to them?

Coach: You should never doubt the heart of a champion.

Shortly after this interview was published this sign was seen in the Miners lockerroom.


Run for the Hills

The team has added some fresh faces to the lineup in the form of two new runners. Annie, and Alice have formerly played on the Darkcity Dragoons of the all female Northern League. After that team disbanded they were left searching for a new team. Taking their custom armour with them, they found a home in the Mine'shaken Mountains as part of Da 40 Miners scout team. Playing a full season of exhibition matches gave them the time they needed to show everyone they were ready for the big show. Runners

Coach Shinbreaker realizing the team needed a jolt, decided to bring the ladies up. He is excited about the positive energy and athleticism they bring to the team. He has already begun changing his offensive philoshpies around their talent. The team will now be playing a Strong I formation with Annie running the point position distributing the ball as needed.

AnnieAnnie Atom'Smasha Lead the FNL in pass completions and Tds in her last season. She has been working hard to prove to the veteran players that she is ready to help them get back to the top.











Tiptoe Alice, runs with a bruising style that catches many opponents off guard. Her strategy while carrying the ball is, “Get Low, and Get Mean”.

Barik Farblast

For the first time Da 40 Miners will be hiring Barik Farblast.  He will be joining the team as they make their way to GenCon Bowl '14.


Smack Tatum “The Assassian”

SmackumNew Defensive Backfield Coach Smack Tatum "The Assassian" has been pushing the team through some intense drills.  

Smack has been the Head Coach of two different Dwarf teams that were banned from playing in future league games, because they were "too" violent.  

He is instilling a new intensity, focused and hitting opponents so hard their ancestors will feel it.

As Smack always says, "If he is still twitching, kick him again.".


All Bets are off

It's time for Da Miners to get back on top.  Some new coaches on the staff, new players and new training techniques.  But most importantly the team has a new philosiphy.  No longer will they try to be the bigger team and watch as these cheating orcs win.

Fight, Kill, and Die,

Beg, Steal, and Lie.

Whatever it takes,














The team has already been meeting with several differenet 'Secret' Weapon providers to see what they can do to help the team.  Expect a much dirtier game from Da 40 Miners as they do whatever it takes to climb back to the top of the mountain.


State of the team ’14

As promised the team has gone through everyone from top to bottom and decided to make some big change to get things back on track.

Before the '13 season ended we had already brought in two new runners for the tournament team.  Our media department will be putting together special articles on each of them soon.

At this time no other onfield changes will be made. 

The team has let go a few coaches and behind the scenes personnel, we wish them the best of luck.  Some of these roles have not been filled yet, the team is currently looking for a Strength and Conditioning coach, Player personnel assistant, and equipment manager.  We have filled one vaccancy already.

Smack Tatum "The Assasian" will be our new Defensive Back Coach.

Most significant changes though or the promotions of Bo Shinbreaker, and Bloody Ryan.  They will now be Co-Head Coaches, with Bo 100% in control of the offense, and Bloody the head of everything Defense.  They will be given the freedom they need to accomplish thier plan, and then be held accountable for the results.

Bo Shinbreaker has realised a statement:

"I'm very excited to get back to work with the team, we have some new runners and a new focus you will see this team get back to it's '3 yards and a puddle of blood' roots."

Bloody Ryan has promised the most vicious 40 Miners Defense you have ever seen.

Times are changing and we hope the bring positive results.



A word from the President.

Grim Hearsay Team President of Da 40 Miners has released this statement.

I'm coming before you tonight to address the current state and future of the team. I don't make public statements often but the team is at a point where hard decisions have to be made, and our fans deserve to know that we are just as concerned as they are. There are several things that I need to address so let's get into them.

The team has just returned from Underworld Cup. Most of you know by now the results were less then spectacular, and more importantly the team was embarrassed by Manderbeard's Hoes again. The only thing we can say at this point is that Manderbeard has built an amazing team, one that has proven time and again that they outclass the Miners on the pitch. We hope to someday achieve their level of play. Congrats to them on the victory. Abel played well throughout the tournament scoring 6 Tds and causing 2 CAS. Not quite living up to his brother's performance but he was a huge boost to the team's performance. He was unable to run into Beastmode on the pitch and has elected to stay behind searching the Underworld for his lost brother. The team finished with 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. They ran into some stiff competition and played some of the best teams around. But even so we have come to expect more from them.

Underworld Cup was just one of several disappoints for the team recently. Along with working to get two new runners up to speed there is a lot of turmoil that the team is not used to dealing with.

Big House Challenge is only a couple of weeks away and it is a very important event for the mines, so the team will not do anything to jeopardize the success of that event. But after that tournament the team will be going through some top to bottom evaluations.

The Big House Challenge will be the last tournament for Da 40 Miners this year, and there is no time table at this time when the team will attend another tournament. The only event we are committed to for next year is the Chaos Cup. If the team get's its house in order before then they may make other appearances but that is yet to be decided.

During this hiatus the team will be closely looking at many things and deciding on goals. The first thing we must decide is what are reasonable expectations for this team going forward, and what can we do to achieve those, and improve beyond them in the future.

Every person involved with the team with be closely looked at all members of the coaching staff and player personal will be evaluated to determine if they can help us achieve our goals or if they may be holding us back. The Miners will return with a great passion for bringing championship bloodbowl back to the Mineshakin Mountains, but they need this time away to regroup.

While we are away we encourage you to follow two teams we recently met.

Young Guzzlers, an up and coming Dwarf team that was able to take down Manderbeard's Hoes, and finished in 2nd place at Underworld Cup. Check out their website, and follow them on twitter @YoungGuzzlers They don't drink beer but that just means more for the rest of us.

The other team is Dem 4D Shriners, if you haven't seen this Orc team in person you don't know what you are missing these guys are great, and entertaining as hell to watch play. Get a ticket to see they now!

TMZ reporting on Bobby’s Big Mouth

So i'm sure you have all heard about Bobby by now.  The team is planning an offical response, but does not debate anything that was written.