’14 season schedule announced

Shocking news came out of the team offices today, the schedule for this year's tournament season has been announced.  What was expected to be a very light year for the team has a fair amount of dates on it instead.

The season will start with a long journey to the lands of Orclahoma.  They will be double dipping tournaments playing in both the Orclahoma Bowl III and Spiky Cup '14.  This will be the furthest the team has traveled for a tournament, and you have to imagine that they are looking to kick in the teeth of a certain ginger.

In April the team will have a very special event.  They will have a Pay-Per-View Scrimmage that wil be brodcast all over the Old World.  They will be taking on Dem 4D Shrinerz an orc team they met at Underworld Cup last year.  This is expecting to be quite the event, make sure you contact your Cabbal provider and get signed up for this one.

In May the team will be makig a return trip to Headbangers Ball.  Hoping to repeat some of the success they have had there in the past.  The team can't pass up a chance to hang out with their Guitar Hero friend.

In September the team will be headed back to the big Dance.  Taking a few months off prior to this tournament will hopefully give them the time they need to be properly prepared for the stif competiton they will face there.

The team will finish out their season with a Home Coming event, the Big House Challenge II in October.  Again they will invite Dwarf teams (and a few other races) from around the world to lace up thier boots and take to the astrogranite of the Big House to prove who is the best Dwarf around.

Start making your travel plans now Miners fans, the team needs you in the stands.  Let's go 'All in for Da Miners in 14'.